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Why Options Selling Strategies Are Perfect for this Market


Nothing has changed! Volatility continues to remain high across the board. In fact, volatility in SPY has increased over the past few weeks. Moreover, the IV rank and IV percentile of SPY remain high, which means there are plenty of opportunities to use a variety of different options selling strategies. As I’ve stated numerous times… Read more »

Take Advantage of the New Bull Market…in Volatility!


Bull Market in Volatility   Another bull market is upon us…this time in volatility. The IV rank graph below shows just how high volatility is at the moment in comparison to the last 10 years. Typically, when the IV graph is shaded pale green or higher, options selling strategies become far more appealing. But when we see… Read more »

Another Bearish Trade to Hopefully Pad the Coffers


It amazes me how many people, some professional options traders included, run from challenging markets. The beauty of options is that we have the ability to make money in any type of market, bull, bear or sideways.  I mean, come on, it’s been an incredible environment for bear call spreads and numerous other options strategies… Read more »

The Best Options Strategy in 2022 (So Far)


There is no doubt that bear call spreads have been the strategy of choice over the past six months, if not longer. For some, 2022 has been a challenging year, but for those that trade options, particularly with a high-probability approach, 2022 has been an incredible year so far. The beauty of trading options with… Read more »

Taking Profits and Another Bear Call Trade Opportunity


Bear Call Spread in SPY It’s been an incredible environment for bear call spreads over the past year. While many investors have struggled to make a return, we’ve managed to make outsized gains using bear call spreads and several other credit spread strategies. Today, with volatility spiking again, I want to present another potential opportunity.… Read more »

How I Approach a Trade in an Overbought ETF


Each week I send out my High-Probability Mean Reversion Indicator which includes roughly 25-35 highly liquid ETFs. In the next few months, I’ll be doing the same with a highly liquid list of stocks as well. The list contains the overbought/oversold levels of each ETF as well as the current implied volatility and IV rank.… Read more »

An Options Strategy for the Ominous “Death Cross”


I’m sure a few of you have heard about the recent news of the so-called “death cross.” Sounds scary, right? For those unaware of this closely followed technical phenomenon, a death cross occurs when the S&P 500’s 50-day moving average falls below (crosses) the 200-day moving average. Now I don’t really follow too many technical… Read more »