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Why Options Selling Strategies Are Perfect for this Market


Nothing has changed! Volatility continues to remain high across the board. In fact, volatility in SPY has increased over the past few weeks. Moreover, the IV rank and IV percentile of SPY remain high, which means there are plenty of opportunities to use a variety of different options selling strategies. As I’ve stated numerous times… Read more »

The Seven Steps to Make Money in this Volatile Market

best credit spreads

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or post your question in the comments section below. And don’t forget to sign up for my Free Weekly Newsletter for weekly education, research and trade ideas. Credit spreads have been the strategy of choice during what has been a bull market in volatility. With… Read more »

Take Advantage of the New Bull Market…in Volatility!


Bull Market in Volatility   Another bull market is upon us…this time in volatility. The IV rank graph below shows just how high volatility is at the moment in comparison to the last 10 years. Typically, when the IV graph is shaded pale green or higher, options selling strategies become far more appealing. But when we see… Read more »

A Timely Iron Condor Trade in Bitcoin (BITO)


Volatility continues to remain fairly high across the major indices. And as volatility increases (or at least remains above normal levels), trading opportunities increase, which opens up the options playbook significantly. One security that continues to offer plenty of opportunities to sell premium is the ProShares Bitcoin ETF (BITO). Bitcoin, along with many of its… Read more »

Potential Starbucks (SBUX) Trade Using the Highest-Probability Options Strategy


Short Strangle Starbucks Statistically speaking, it doesn’t get much better than the short strangle. Many professionals claim it’s the ultimate options strategy. And there is no doubt it is the bread-and-butter options strategy among most traders that take a quantitative, or mathematical approach to trading options. A short strangle is a neutral, range-bound options strategy… Read more »

Top Earnings Options Plays for the Week (3/21 – 3/25)


We are officially in the doldrums between earnings seasons. But an opportunity or two can still be found each week. And while the offseason earnings trades oftentimes lack all of the necessities for an actual trade, it’s still worth taking a look at potential trades as we patiently wait for another upcoming earnings season, if… Read more »

Trade Idea: My Strategy for FedEx’s Upcoming Earnings


I mentioned in my weekly post, Top Options Plays for the Week, that FedEx (FDX) offered a potential earnings trade this week. As I’ve stated in the past, I hope that by going through a few examples of various options strategies every earnings season we can start to build a solid foundation on how to appropriately apply options… Read more »

Some Glaring Statistics on the New Volatility Bull Market


I posted a few bearish opportunities in USO earlier in the week. In that article I mentioned the current heightened levels of volatility to show that there are trading opportunities everywhere! And as some of you already know, when implied volatility (IV) is high, as seen through IV rank, IV percentile and various other measures,… Read more »