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Buy Bitcoin for 18% Less By Using Cash-Secured Puts


Cash-Secured Puts – Bitcoin For those interested in bitcoin there is now a way to get into the cryptocurrency at the price of your choosing. Best of all, you can collect premium while waiting for bitcoin, or more specifically the new ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO), to hit your stated price. By using cash-secured puts… Read more »

How to Use Poor Man’s Covered Calls on Lower-Priced Stocks


Poor Man’s Covered Calls  A few months ago I discussed the benefits of selling covered calls for monthly income. And while I am a huge proponent of using covered calls, my preference, particularly when dealing with higher-priced securities, is to use a strategy known as the poor man’s covered call strategy. A poor man’s covered call… Read more »

Income Strategy Series: Selling Covered Calls for Monthly Income


Selling Covered Calls for Monthly Income Investors are constantly seeking the holy grail of income strategies and while one doesn’t exist, selling covered calls and poor man’s covered calls for monthly income might be the closest we have, as investors, to the perfect income strategy. Today, I’m going to focus on selling covered calls for… Read more »