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How to Use Poor Man’s Covered Calls on Growth Stocks


DraftKings Poor Man’s Covered Calls  There has been an abundance of high-beta growth stocks that have absolutely been crushed over the past six months. One such stock is DraftKings (DKNG). The stock is down roughly 70% from its record highs hit roughly one year ago. But the collapse, not only in DraftKings, but in many… Read more »

Dogs of the Dow Trades 2022 – Part Four


Okay, here is the last installment of my Dogs of the Dow trades for 2022. My hope is that you now have a sound understanding as to how I use the poor man’s covered calls strategy. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section below. As I said… Read more »

Initial Dogs of the Dow Trades 2022 – Part Three


I am only going to go over one trade today and will finish up the remaining four Dogs of the Dow trades tomorrow. The trade today is in International Business Machines (IBM). If you wish to read more about the Dogs of the Dow and my options-based approach, or simply look at the prior trades… Read more »

Small Dogs of the Dow Trades 2022 – Part Two


Today I am going to go over the remainder of the Small Dogs of the Dow. Yesterday, I covered Verizon (VZ) and Dow (DOW). If you wish to see those trades please click here. Also, if you wish to read more about the Dogs and my approach, please check out the prior posts and comments… Read more »

Small Dogs of the Dow Trades 2022 – Part One


Happy New Year! As I have promised over the past few weeks, I’m going to introduce the new Dogs of the Dow positions over the course of the next few trading days. At the beginning of every calendar year, I make any necessary adjustments needed for my longer-term poor man’s covered call (long diagonal debit… Read more »

A Practical Hedge Strategy as We Start a New Year!


On Monday I talked a little bit about the inherently bullish poor man’s covered call strategy using an example of a potential upcoming trade in the Dogs of the Dow. Today I want to discuss the exact opposite, a bearish income strategy, or hedge play known as the poor man’s covered put. Most traders, or… Read more »