Author: Andy Crowder

Andy CrowderAndy Crowder is a professional options trader, researcher and Chief Analyst of Crowder Options. Formerly with Oppenheimer & Co. in New York, Andy has leveraged his investment experience to develop his statistically based options trading strategy which applies probability theory to option valuations in order to execute risk-controlled trades. This proprietary strategy has been refined through two decades of research and real-world experience and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Seeking Alpha, and numerous other financial publications. Andy has helped thousands of option traders learn and implement his meticulous rules-driven options trading strategies through highly attended conferences, one-on-one coaching, webinars, and his work as a financial columnist. He currently resides in Bolton Valley, Vermont and when he's not trading, teaching and writing about options, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, backcountry skiing, biking, running and enjoying all things outdoors.

An Options Strategy for the Ominous “Death Cross”


I’m sure a few of you have heard about the recent news of the so-called “death cross.” Sounds scary, right? For those unaware of this closely followed technical phenomenon, a death cross occurs when the S&P 500’s 50-day moving average falls below (crosses) the 200-day moving average. Now I don’t really follow too many technical… Read more »

Trade Idea: My Strategy for FedEx’s Upcoming Earnings


I mentioned in my weekly post, Top Options Plays for the Week, that FedEx (FDX) offered a potential earnings trade this week. As I’ve stated in the past, I hope that by going through a few examples of various options strategies every earnings season we can start to build a solid foundation on how to appropriately apply options… Read more »

Some Glaring Statistics on the New Volatility Bull Market


I posted a few bearish opportunities in USO earlier in the week. In that article I mentioned the current heightened levels of volatility to show that there are trading opportunities everywhere! And as some of you already know, when implied volatility (IV) is high, as seen through IV rank, IV percentile and various other measures,… Read more »

Top Earnings Options Plays for the Week (3/14 – 3/18)


We are officially in the doldrums between earnings seasons. But an opportunity or two can still be found each week. And while the off-season earnings trades oftentimes lack all of the necessities for an actual trade, it’s still worth taking a look at potential trades as we patiently wait for another upcoming earnings season, if… Read more »

Two Bearish Opportunities Offered By the Volatility Bull Market


I’ve mentioned numerous times that we are in a volatility bull market. Jason Goepfert of Sundial Capital Research recently said, “The average volatility gauge across markets is in the top 2% of their yearly ranges. That’s an incredible bout of cross-asset concern that we’ve rarely seen in the past 30 years.” Courtesy of Even… Read more »

Is Volatility Offering A Potential Opportunity in Real Estate?


As someone who focuses more on premium-selling options strategies, I am constantly scouring my watch list of highly liquid ETFs and stocks for opportunities based on inflated levels of implied volatility. Right now, there are no shortage of ideas as implied volatility is high across the board. One such trading opportunity is in the iShares U.S.… Read more »