Author: Andy Crowder

Andy CrowderAndy Crowder is a professional options trader, researcher and Chief Analyst of Crowder Options. Formerly with Oppenheimer & Co. in New York, Andy has leveraged his investment experience to develop his statistically based options trading strategy which applies probability theory to option valuations in order to execute risk-controlled trades. This proprietary strategy has been refined through two decades of research and real-world experience and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Seeking Alpha, and numerous other financial publications. Andy has helped thousands of option traders learn and implement his meticulous rules-driven options trading strategies through highly attended conferences, one-on-one coaching, webinars, and his work as a financial columnist. He currently resides in Bolton Valley, Vermont and when he's not trading, teaching and writing about options, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, backcountry skiing, biking, running and enjoying all things outdoors.

Income Strategy Series: Selling Covered Calls for Monthly Income


Selling Covered Calls for Monthly Income Investors are constantly seeking the holy grail of income strategies and while one doesn’t exist, selling covered calls and poor man’s covered calls for monthly income might be the closest we have, as investors, to the perfect income strategy. Today, I’m going to focus on selling covered calls for… Read more »

How to Calculate an Iron Condor Max Loss & Max Profit

I’ve had a few questions recently on how to calculate an iron condor max loss and max profit. So, I thought I would spend a little time today on how to easily calculate not only the max loss and max profit for an iron condor, but for any spread-based options trade. I’m not going into… Read more »

Top Earnings Options Plays for the Week (8/9 – 8/13)


Here are the top earnings options plays for next week (8/9 to 8/13). Courtesy of Slope of Hope Of the 71 stocks above, I’ve chosen to highlight seven stocks, with highly liquid options in the table below. Earnings season is winding down so we should see less and less opportunities over the next several weeks.… Read more »

The Best ETFs for Options Trading


The key to finding the best ETFs for options trading centers solely around liquidity. In fact, the foundation for all of your options trading endeavors, regardless of the options strategy, starts with your watchlist of highly liquid options, both stocks and ETFs. We only want to use the most efficient products the market has to… Read more »

Bearish Call Spread Example – Russell 2000 (IWM)

Many of you have asked that I give a bearish call spread example in the iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM). I’m not going to get into the weeds on bear call spreads today, but if you wish to learn more about my approach to the bear call spread option strategy, including another bearish call spread… Read more »

Bullish Put Spread Example – S&P 500 (SPY)


I’ve been receiving a lot of emails about the risk-defined strategies I use, namely bull put spreads, bear call spreads and iron condors. As a result, I’m going to go over several examples this week, starting with a bullish put spread example in SPY. I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty of the strategy here,… Read more »

Top Earnings Options Plays for the Week (8/2 – 8/6)


Here are the top earnings options plays for next week (8/2 to 8/6). Courtesy of Slope of Hope Of the 80 stocks above, I’ve chosen to highlight ten stocks, with highly liquid options in the table below. As I stated last week and will every week during earnings season, my hope is that, by going… Read more »

What is the Best Stock for Credit Spreads?


I’m often asked, “What’s the best stock for credit spreads?” Admittedly, as a quant-based options trader, I’m dumbfounded by the question because it would require me to have a crystal ball, and unfortunately, my crystal ball broke decades ago. So, I can’t answer the question with any accuracy. However, I can tell you how to… Read more »

The Options Strategy with the Highest Probability? The Short Strangle


I’m often asked about my favorite options strategy. What’s my bread and butter? Statistically speaking, it doesn’t get much better than the short strangle. Some say it is the ultimate options strategy. A short strangle is a neutral, range-bound options strategy (short call and short put) that has undefined risk and limited profit potential. Typically,… Read more »