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Andy CrowderFor more than twenty years I have worked diligently on refining several of my favorite and most successful options strategies. My options strategies are not “get rich quick” strategies, rather statistically-sound options strategies based on three basic ideas – probabilities, mean-reversion and active risk-management.

After speaking with thousands of investors, I discovered that the majority of investors were not looking for a “get rich quick” scheme, or a foolproof method of trading options (we all know there isn’t one). What they wanted was a realistic method with a foundation in statistics. A method that used the strategies options professionals use. Option strategies based purely on probabilities, not emotional bias. Options strategies that employ capital preservation techniques (proper position-sizing and adjustments).

But more importantly, they wanted options strategies that would produce consistent, modest gains month after month, year after year. And they want the confidence that unnecessary risks were not being taken, but rather a mechanical, statistically-based set of rules were being utilized for each and every decision.
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