June 25, 2017

High-Probability Option Trading Strategies

Bringing forward-thinking statistically-based investment strategies to the individual investor. It’s all about the probabilities. 

It has been a decade of rapid and profound change in the options industry. The information age has allowed individual investors access to sophisticated forms of investing that were once only available to the financially privileged and investment professionals. Times have changed. Now we are on a level playing field.

Individual investors who seek an alternative investment to enhance their current portfolio, or simply wish to bring in another source of monthly income, will find the various high-probability options trading strategies we offer advantageous.

I provide subscribers with a disciplined approach to building wealth over the long-term by utilizing a predetermined set of rules to preserve capital and trade rationally. By using predetermined statistical rules, I eliminate the emotional element of investing, which can lead to rash decisions and ultimately large losses. My extensive research on numerous options-based strategies has shown that uncomplicated high-probability option-selling strategies, applied appropriately, consistently provide greater gains.

Our key strategies illustrate the aforementioned characteristics while maintaining the most important aspect of investing, money management. Unlike most options or trading publications, capital preservation is first and foremost at Crowder Options.