August 20, 2017

Timber! Anticipated Market Decline Kicks Options Portfolio Higher – Up 72.0% Since Inception in May ’10

Okay, I started this post yesterday, but I decided to take my daughter swimming rather than finish the post. Warm days are numbered here in VT, so I hope all of you understand. I will be working on my paid service over the next week so stay tuned as I will be trickling out info each day. Feedback is more than welcome. I want to offer a unique service that hopefully will be helpful to all.

The following closing trades were made today:

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As you can see from the trades above (directly from my ThinkorSwim account), I closed all of my open trades after yesterday’s decline. As a result, My Options Portfolio has advanced 72.0% (commissions included) since it  was established in early May of this year with a win ratio of 81.0%. Here are the results – My Options Portfolio. As I have done in the past, I will post all of my August trades once the month has concluded.

I built quite a large short position with almost 100% of my portfolio at work. That is a rarity as I typically have at most 30% at one time and oftentimes less. Position-sizing is key! However, I stuck with my conviction as Mr. Probability was hitting extremes and when that occurs, as a high-probability, mean-reversion trader I have no choice, but to take the trade. Once again, position-size, risk management and the few technical/sentiment indicators that I follow paid off. Yes, patience, once again, pays.

I am now up roughly 20% in the month of August and will most likely finish the month higher, which will make it four straight months of gains. Again, my goal is not to try for outlandish gains, but Mr. Probability has been rather kind since I enacted My Options Portfolio. One thing is certain, I can’t complain.

I have had quite the interest over the past couple of months in offering a paid service, so I have decided to do so, but I need to decide which would be the best way to go about offering my services. I do know that I want to keep it small (50-100 subscribers), because I want to be able to answer in a timely manner any and all questions that my subscribers might have regarding My Options Portfolio or any options related questions for that matter. I learned from working at a prestigious medical device company that quality is key and that is exactly the type of service I want to offer – a quality-driven service that caters to my subscribers every whim. I will most likely offer a free trial period to work out a few of the kinks, but one thing is certain, my trading will not take a back seat. If I see that my trading is being jeopardized I will not hesitate to cancel my service. Again, I want to offer a service built on simple, quality-driven, options strategies.

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions, feedback, or concerns that you might have.