August 20, 2017

Do You Want to Make Money?

Change the way you invest! Hundreds of thousands of money managers don't understand how to manage money effectively. People blindly giving professional money managers that are not able to articulate the strategy they use to make the money they claim to make. It frustrates me beyond belief to hear professional money managers talk about a stock and their respective fundamentals and why you should should just blindly buy the stock based on their recommendation. No strategy talk whatsoever. Just blindly believe them and buy. Yet, they only have a 50/50 chance of success picking stocks and have no idea how to use options to increase their odds of success. I would never and I repeat NEVER even speak with a money manager if they were not … [Read more...]

More Downside To Come?

Today was a banner day for the High-Probability, Mean-Reversion Options Strategy. The IWM puts that I purchased near the close yesterday closed the day up 27.9% and if we continue to move to the downside tomorrow, which looks highly likely we could see even greater gains. My thought is that we will close the gap in IWM, DIA and SPY that occurred last Friday. This would take the major market ETFs to $69.73, $115.77 and $122.10, respectively. If we happen to close the aforementioned gaps then the next move could take the major market benchmarks down to close the gap from 10/10. A move like this over the next few weeks would lead to extraordinary gains in the strategy. A move to close the gap from last Friday could lead to us to a … [Read more...]

Major Benchmarks in a Short-Term Overbought State

I am keeping it very short tonight as I am just not feeling up to snuff. My effort to eliminate caffeine from my daily regimen is taking its toll tonight, but hopefully this pounding headache is short-lived. Anyway.... The market has pushed into another short-term overbought state and as a result I placed a trade in the High-Probability, Mean-Reversion strategy. I still have two prior trades on, so this is the third open trade in the strategy. My hope is that the market takes a reprieve from the short-term overbought state over the next week so I can close all three positions. I will you with this tasty nugget from's own Jason Goepfert:  "We mentioned last week that the Monday after October option expiration … [Read more...]

Short-Term Reprieve Occurs – Will It Continue?

The short-term reprieve that I mentioned in the Free Weekend Report (Sign-Up Free Here) occurred today and by the looks of it we could see more downside tomorrow. As I mentioned in the report "as for the current technical picture, the all of the major indices and most sectors are in a short-term "very overbought" state as we head into the week of options expiration. Not only are the major benchmarks in one of the most short-term overbought states that we have seen in quite some time, but we are now hitting strong overhead resistance with two unclosed gaps directly underneath. Combine all of the aforementioned and you can quickly see why the risk/reward scenario leans heavily towards a short-term reprieve next week." Now all of our … [Read more...]