August 20, 2017

Strategies Excel During “Sell in May”…Here’s Why…

April expiration has finally passed. And it was a good one for our options strategies. All three strategies reaped profits. Again, the goal is to produce as much income as possible each and every expiration cycle. But, keeping risk-defined is the key to any successful long-term approach, so expectations should always be reasonable. No speculation...just high-probability strategies that hit lots of singles and doubles. The occasional home run happens, but it's an anomaly. Anyway...the expiration cycle witnessed a wide-range of short-term sentiment. Mid-way through the cycle most of the major indices were hitting all-time highs. But, as we have all witnessed over the past several week the bulls reign is over. Now all of the major … [Read more...]

All it Takes is One Bad Trade

I came across a great article on the one bad trade syndrome. Several months ago, Slopers (Tim Knight’s Band of Followers), were privy to a real-life blow-up in which a trader essentially risked all of his trading capital on essentially one trade(disregarded the importance of position-sizing). I want to make sure that I never make the same mistake. Currently, my positions are teetering on max pain (stop-loss). My outlook remains with the pullback scenario that I have mentioned repeatedly the past few weeks – short-term bearish. Check out the article - All it Takes is One Bad Trade For those of you who have not been reading my posts the past several weeks, I have been reminding my loyal readers of the following: For several weeks I … [Read more...]