August 24, 2017


An exclusive membership to Crowder Options includes…

  • 30-day Free Trial to Our Strategies – I am confident that after 30-days you will feel comfortable with my approach to options trading and the core strategies I employ as a result.
  • 8-10 Options Trades Per Month
  • Real-Time Email Alerts – get every trade update the instant I post it, sent right to your email inbox and twitter account (if you have one). Trades will also be updated live on my website.
  • Weekly Newsletter – includes weekly RSI overbought/oversold levels on 30+ of the most highly-liquid ETFs
  • Educational Videos
  • Access – I will be available any time to answer all of your options-related questions. Whether you’re new to options trading or are an inquisitive seasoned pro, I want to hear from you.

Core Strategies

The Flagship Strategy– if we ran a hedge-fund, this would be our core strategy. Our approach is based on one indicator, three indexes and a known statistical edge. Our model $10,000 portfolio includes commissions, capital preservation and section 1256 benefits.

The Premium Seeker – The goal is to create as much income as we possibly can through various forms of high-probability credit spreads. Vertical calls and puts, iron condors and more over a variety of duration periods.

Short-Term Directional Strategy – A strategy that uses mean-reversion, as the decisive factor for making trades. Our short-term directional strategy goes against the grain and buys calls and puts that are in an extreme overbought/oversold state. Obviously, the risk is higher making strict position-size guidelines a necessity, although proper position-sizing should ALWAYS be considered mandatory regardless of the strategies you employ.


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