July 28, 2017

Step One

Okay, I have been watching the market behind the scenes ot at least it feels that way. I guess not blogging on a daily basis after doing so for three years while give you that feeling. The hiatus, admittedly has been nice. However,  the anticipation of the new Insider’s (being launched ths upcoming weekend, after options expiration) is kiling me. I can’t wait to get started with the new strategy offerings and the new, lookand feel of the Insider’s Page. The major change will be that I will be posting most of the info I have been posting here for FREE for the last three years in the NEW Insider’s Page. This will certainly create more value for the subscriber. 2008 was great for our ETF Extremes strategy and the response has been wonderful. Therefore, I need to limit the number of spaces and this is one way I will do so.  I will also be offering a new subscription package that features all of the options strategies I trade for one price. Current subscribers will be grandfathered into this plan (no new fees will apply). The package will be available on the website Wednesday. I will also send out the new plan to current newsletter subscribers.

Hopefully, 2009 will be a successful as 2008. Cetainly the changes that we are making will provide more pertinent info to the trader/investor. Stay tuned!