August 22, 2017

SPY Trade Today – Options Portfolio at High – Up 50.1%

SPY Trade

If you were following me in the comments section of the latest post (where I have been announcing my trades in real-time) you should be aware of the trade I posted earlier in the trading day. Friday’s selling left the market in a short-term oversold state, so after another plunge at the open I decided to buy a few SPY calls to take advantage of the short-term situation. Not my typical trade (as I am more of a swing trader), but certainly not out of the ordinary if Mr. Probability is showing me an edge.

As a result, I made 5.6% on the trade, or $205 after commissions, to bring My Options Portfolio up 0.4%, to 50.1%. You can check out the all of my trades here. As always I also post my trades directly from my TOS account (above) because Transparency is King!!