August 22, 2017

Sell-off Continues

Not much to say tonight so I am going to keep it very short tonight. 

As expected, the sharp sell-off at the close yesterday carried over into today’s trading. As a result the S&P experienced its largest loss since August 9th.

Tomorrow brings a bit of positive sentiment in an otherwise historically dismal week (look at Aug 27th post). However, we could see a test of the 1425 area in the S&P before a short-term bounce occurs so who knows if the psitive seasonality takes hold. As I always say, historically biased seasonal conditions are, in most cases, never a reason to place a trade. Although, when coupled with other technical indicators, seasonal factors can be a worthy compliment to making an well-informed trading decision.

If the S&P does not test the 1425 area tomorrow I would expect to see it on Thursday. According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac the “next to the last day of August the Dow and S&P were only up once in the last ten years”. Furthermore, on this particular trading day during the last 21 years the Dow and S&P have only been higher 28.6% and 38.1%, respectively. Of course, I want to see how tomorrow plays out, but if we indeed get a nice rally seasonal conditions could once again play a factor in the price action of the market.

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Overbought/Oversold for August 28, 2007

SPY – 35.8 (neutral)

IWM – 33.1 (neutral)

DIA – 37.1 (neutral)

QQQQ – 38.7 (neutral)

GLD – 47.9 (neutral)

OIH – 49.3 (neutral)

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Andrew Crowder,