August 20, 2017

Responsible Options Strategies to Help You Navigate the Market

Professional options traders are a different breed. We take a statistical, mathematical, rational approach to the marketplace. We add another layer of probability and risk control that could not be possible with stocks alone. We make bets on things like volatility and don’t always care which way a stock or ETF moves. Everything we do is at least partially hedged, which reduces the need for Maalox, Prozac and most importantly heavy drinking, which many of my stock-trading buddies rely on almost daily.

I run two options strategies. Two strategies that work for me and I try my best to teach them to anyone willing to listen.


Because it is important to me that options become a part of the everyday conversation among investors.

I am not trying to tout extraordinary and unrealistic gains, rather a methodical approach to using options. There are SO MANY shady options operations out there just trying to bring people in with a gambling mentality. This only gives those of us trying to use options in a responsible manner a bad name. Moreover, I can’t tell you how many big newsletters that make far more money than I do (only because of their enormous marketing budgets) that take an irresponsible approach to options. They have a so-called guru who only trades straight calls and puts and has no clue how to create a spread based on statistical advantages.

My two options strategies consist of credit spreads coupled with straight calls and puts. They work in harmony to create a sound approach to options investing. I pick my spots carefully. Patience is the key ingredient to my success and I will never stray from that approach. If that means losing subscribers because I am not trading every other week than so be it. I WILL NOT FORCE A TRADE. My goal is the bottom line and the bottom line is to make money over the long-term.

Many of my loyal readers have read this same thing before, but I feel it is important to reiterate my message, my mission. This is why my options strategies have been successful and will continue to be successful.

Today, I turned on the TV and listened to the talking heads, I sat in a call and listened to more talking heads and they all say the same thing. They all try and guess which way the market is going to move next. I don’t care which way the market moves. This is the beauty of how I use options. I pick spots based on High-Probability set-ups and then I move back to cash. While Wall Street is in panic mode I am sitting, waiting patiently in cash. Because cash is a position. One day investors will learn this simple, yet effective method of investing.

Yet people, want to hear a guy in a suit talk about the markets in an educated manner. Discuss topics they read in the WSJ and learned at college. But how many of these talking heads actually make money? How many have the cojones to liquidate their positions and move in cash? How many even know how to use options to hedge their portfolios? Not many.

This is where my frustration lies.

If you indeed agree with my sentiment, come join me. Allow me to teach you how I use options to make money over the long-term. Allow me to get you excited about using options in your portfolio. And most of all, allow me to help you make make money over the long-term. There you go – there’s my lame sales pitch. I am not a marketer. I have never marketed this site. Yet, over the past six years I have gathered a bunch of like-minded investors and we have successfully navigated the markets. I hope you can join us.