July 21, 2017

Quick Update

Due to a death in the family I decided to take a few weeks off from the blog.

But, I’m back and ready to start off the New Year the same way we have ended this year.

All of our December trades look to close out with max profits, although I am tempted to take a few off the board and lock in some profits. Subscribers stay tuned!

I’m extremely happy with our returns over the past 7-8 months. There’s no doubt that the beginning of the year was tough (so was the start of 2012) for all traders, but for those of us who trade credit spreads the margin of error the strategy creates really helped our P/L as we moved throughout the remainder of the year. Remember, this was also during a time when implied volatility was extremely low. And now with the VIX picking up and the market beginning to finally show a few signs of sluggishness, 2014 could be a very good year for options traders…buyers and sellers alike. Of course, there are no certainties in trading..but that’s why we sell options right? Because we can’t predict the future. We have no idea where the market is headed in 2014, 2015 or 2016. We only care about the next expiration month in four or five weeks. That’s where we live as options traders and we love it.

As always, if you have an y questions regarding my strategies or just anything options emailed at crowderoptions@gmail.com.

One more thing, with our December positions coming off the table next week, the next 1-5 trading days will be scoured with trades for January so subscribers stay tuned for trade alerts coming your way.