August 17, 2017

Out of SPY Trade – Newsletter Service Officially Begins Monday

The rally Friday, particularly late, allowed me to get out of my SPY trade from earlier in the week. I was able to get out of both trades (two separate trades of 10 Oct 105 SPY calls) for a gain of 1.2% and 14.1%, for a total of $610. The profitable trade brings My Options Portfolio to 74.2%, or $20,392.50 since it was established in early May 2010. Check out all of my trades here. You can also view all of my trades (directly from my ThinkorSwim account, updated at the end of each month) on the Options Portfolio page of the website.

SPY Trade


To all of my wonderful and loyal subscribers I want to thank you for all of your support over the past week. The response has been overwhelming. I will be sending out all my service details in the first Weekly Newsletter Report which will come to via email Sunday. Until then, if you are a subscriber, do not forget to sign up for my subscriber-only access twitter page. Sign up for a twitter account then go here I will allow you access. This will be a key area for my subscribers so don’t miss out. However, the key elements of my service (newsletter, real-time trade alerts) will still be sent out through email (twitter as well). I want to make my service as tech and user friendly as possible. Access to my information is key and I want it performed in a timely manner.

Again thanks to all of you – subscribers, loyal readers, etc.. I appreciate all of the wonderful feedback. Keep it coming! I hope through your participation that I can make this an incredibly unique and most important, prosperous for all of us. My performance speaks for itself.