August 17, 2017

Out of My Positions

At the end of the day I decided to exit all of my IWM, QQQQ, and SPY puts. I came out ahead on the overall trade, but I did take a couple on the chin. After the trading day was over I had to quickly race down to beautiful Lake Champlain to sail with friends. What an amazing day!

I am up for the month of June, but not nearly as much as I was in May. Hopefully, I can make up for it over the next week or so. One thing is certain, I will not force anything (never do). I just want to take advantage of the high-probability trades as they come to fruition. Probabilities are all we have as traders.

I will actually be out all day tomorrow, but hopefully I can post the trades from today. If not, I will definitely have them on the website (directly from my TOS account) on Thursday.