August 20, 2017

Options Trades in the High-Probability, Mean-Reversion Strategies

A trade in the High-Probability, Mean Reversion Strategy looks likely if IWM happens to open flat or open tomorrow. Of course, there are a few other thng is that need to line-up, but the first trade of a slow August seems likely. Subscribers stay tuned!

Our latest Theta Driver Options trade looks very good. Last Monday, I placed our first trade for a credit of $0.25 and thanks to some help from the bears (although a flat to slightly higher market would have worked as well, just not so quickly) the credit spread is now worth less than $0.05. With only $0.05 and 25 days left until September expiration I will mostly likely lock in the gain for roughly a 9% gain (including commissions) and place another Theta Driver trade within the next few days. Volatility remains high so we might be able to extend our gains this months. My goal is to seek out a credit spread trade that allows a 10-12% gain over the next 25 days. I might have to take a bit less if volatility declines sharply tomorrow, but my guess is that unless the market moves sharply higher, volatility will remain above 40 which will allow me to continue to sell some great premium.

For all of those who are still interested in the Theta Driver strategy I still have a few remaining spots. Once the spots are filled I intend to close the strategy to new members. I hate to keep mentioning this, but I have had quite a few of you email me over the past week so I just wanted to remind you.

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