August 24, 2017

Options Trade Update

The higher open today allowed me to take off the three positions that I established yesterday. I would have preferred a move that closed the gap, but all three pierced my underlying support levels so I decided it was best to go ahead and take my profits off the table.

Here are the following trades from my TOS account:

SPY Closing Trade

GLD Closing Trade

USO Closing Trade

The net profit for the trades was $845.00 which resulted in an 3.8% gain for the My Options Portfolio. My Options Portfolio is now up 14.0% since it was initiated at the beginning of May.

Here are the overall results for the trades I placed from Monday.

  • S&P 500 (SPY)  +10.2%
  • SPDR Gold Trust (GLD)  +9.3%
  • US Oil Fund (USO) +10.1%

I am stepping away from the screen for a bit to visit the park with my child. I find that time away from the screen is often needed and after the blistering 7 trading days that I have had I feel as though it is much deserved. Realistically, we all know that a 100% win ratio will not hold up, but I will continue to allow Mr. Probability to work for me and with sound risk management I should continue to see decent gains trickle into My Options Portfolio.

I will be back later for a few additional comments. Stay tuned!