July 26, 2017

Options Strategies Continue to Roll

I am back after another short hiatus. We have had a few great trades over the past few weeks, one in the High-Probability, Mean-Reversion Options Strategy (up 7.4% in September) and one in the Theta Driver Options Strategy (expires tomorrow with over a 12% gain). I will be sending out the Weekly Report that details each trade and the performance of each strategy. I was unable to get out the FREE Weekly Report last week due to unforeseen circumstances, but will have the my Expiration Report out Sunday. Stay tuned!

I will be back with my regular blog posts next week. Thanks for being patient. Hey, at least we have some really great trades to talk about. Both strategies continue to move onward and upward and that is the most important of my service. Actionable and profitable trades. So far, so good.

Market Mumbo Jumbo

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