August 22, 2017

Newsletter Service Begins!!! Real-Time Trade Alerts.

Since its inception back in early May, My Options Portfolio is up 72.0% or $19,782.50 (including commissions). The win ratio since the strategy’s inception is an astounding 80.5% (33 out of 41 winning trades).

You can see all of the trades here and all of the trades verified at my Thinkorswim account (scroll down the page at the aforementioned link to see all of my trades).

Over the past few months, I have had numerous requests to initiate a newsletter service that follows my trades in real-time and discusses the options strategies, technical indicators, and sentiment indicators that I incorporate in my trading. The response has been overwhelming and certainly a wonderful surprise. The kind words and encouragement regarding my options trading and the strategies I use have certainly been a positive reinforcement after 10+ years of trading options.

I hope that now I can prosper and share my trading ideas alongside of all of you who have encouraged me over the past few months. Again, the response has been overwhelming and as a result I have decided to limit my newsletter to 50-100 subscribers. I hope this will not disappoint those of you who are unable to get in. If you are unable to get in please email me and I will add you to a waiting list.

Service details below.

Newsletter Service Details

  • 3-10 Options Trades Per Month – my proprietary trading system allows me to generate consistent winning trades, and as a member you will have full access to those trades the minute I post them.
  • Real-time Trade alerts – get every trade update the instant I post it, sent right to your email inbox and twitter account. Trades are also updated live on my website.
  • Crowder Options Strategy Guide – a concise introductory guide that gives you some insight into how I trade.
  • Market commentary – I update my market outlook daily (and sometimes more) here on my blog, and only members get access to my inside perspective on twitter.
  • Weekly Newsletter – includes weekly RSI overbought/oversold levels on 15-20 of the most liquid ETFs
  • Access – I am available any time to answer your questions about my trades, my options strategies, and my thinking about the markets. Whether you’re new to options trading or are an inquisitive seasoned pro, I am glad to hear from you and will help in any way I can.

If you wish to subscribe, click on the Subscribe Here link below. Also, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to email me at

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