August 20, 2017

New IWM Position – Old Trades Posted

First I want to post the trades from Tuesday from my Thinkorswim account.

Click to see trades

Even with the two losses, the two trades in IWM made up for both losing trades and My Options Portfolio is now up 30.0% or $8,282.50. To check the results click here. As always I will also post the trades directly from my Thinkorswim account at the end of the month. You can also see them in the options portfolio section of the blog. Transparency is of the utmost importance.

At the beginning of the trading day, with IWM down again, my short-term technical studies are telling me that there is a high-probability of a short-term bounce in most of the major indices. Due to the aforementioned I have decided to enter into the following trade:

Click to see IWM Trade

I will be back later this afternoon with another update (or possibly just an update in the comments section of this post). Stay tuned!