July 28, 2017

My Options Portfolio – Up 41.7% Since Inception in May

I was able to exit all of my open positions today and as a result, My Options Portfolio advanced 10.4%. My Options Portfolio is now up 41.7% since its inception in the beginning of May. A disciplined risk-management approach (position-size, stop-loss) has helped me to achieve my current percentage gains. Also, as you can see through my transparency (all of my trades have been posted directly from my ThinkorSwim account) my strategy of patience coupled with a sound risk-management has been quite effective. My hope is that all o you will join me on my journey and participate in the comments section of the website.

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Check out out all of my trades since the inception. Moreover, you can view all of the trades directly from my ThinkorSwim account each month on the My Options Portfolio page.

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