August 24, 2017

My Options Portfolio Keeps Chugging Along

My Options Portfolio experienced its third straight month of gains and is currently up 50.1% since its inception back in early May 2010. Click here for all of the trades. I have also posted all of the trades for each month (I do this at the end of each month) from my ThinkorSwim account. I hope this helps all of you with transparency concerns. My loyal readers already know that transparency is king in my eyes. By the way, any trades that are currently open will go on next months account post. I currently have an SPY and IWM position open and I have posted both trades in recent posts. Furthermore, as always I will post these trades as soon as they are closed.

For the month the My Options Portfolio advanced 17.5% or $6,155.50. Again it is now up 50.1%, or 13,822.50 since its inception three months ago.

July Trades