August 20, 2017

Last Chance – Theta Driver Options Strategy

Okay, as most of you know I abhor doing this – the sales pitch. However, I do want all of you to have a fair chance to get in before the Theta Driver options strategy fills.

I will be sending out a mass email later and my guess is that the strategy will be closed to new subscribers after that event.

If you are indeed interested in the strategy you can sign-up on the subscribe page here.

This will be the last time I mention the sign-up deadline. I intend on placing my first official trade tomorrow, possibly Monday(I have been showing the strategy here for people to follow over the past few months).

Okay, so now that the “sales pitch” is over (not much of one I know, but I am a trader not a marketer and I take the grass roots approach) it is time to get back to options.

I will be back this weekend with an market update and an update on both strategies. Stay tuned!