August 22, 2017

First Trade of 2010 in the ETF Extremes

I placed the first trade of 2010 on January 5th on the website. You can check out the performance so far on the former link.

As  you  can see I had a small profit going into Thursday, but my profit target had not been met. As the week came to end I was down a bit, but roughly $.15 from where my mental stop is located. I always limit my loss to roughly $.30 or approximately 10%. This has worked for the strategy since its inception over three years ago. Check out the performance since 2006 on the performance page.

Today, I closed the trade for a $.24 profit or $600. The percentage gain was 6.6%.

This was the 24th trade in the strategy since 2006. So far the win ratio is an astounding 83% with a max draw down of 17%.

I will be back with more details this evening.