August 17, 2017

ETF Extremes and the Update on Revision

I am still working on the revision of the site, but as all of you know (paid subscribers that is) that I am still sending out real-time trade alerts and such.

I have had several trades in the last few weeks in the ETF Extremes strategy that have been very successful and prove that patience pays. Check performance page for results.

The strategy is up over 150% since its inception roughly two years ago and after a flat 2007  (down roughly 12%) the strategy is up 38.2% on a cumulative basis in 2008.  The important statistic is the long-term cumulative return of 151.4% since the first trade back on 2/16/06. 

Again, I apologize to those of who who were daily readers, but please remember that I focus on my paid subscribers and providing them the best strategies possible.  The blog is a FREE service to all and is not a mandatory part of the service. I have provided daily commentary almost every day for several years now and have had quite a few people ask me why I do not charge for the insights, well, with the new site I will be contemplating doing just that. Once the new site is up (hopefully in the next few weeks) I will have more info on this topic.

If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to email me.

Kindest regards,