July 21, 2017

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Hundreds of thousands of money managers don’t understand how to manage money effectively. People blindly giving professional money managers that are not able to articulate the strategy they use to make the money they claim to make. It frustrates me beyond belief to hear professional money managers talk about a stock and their respective fundamentals and why you should should just blindly buy the stock based on their recommendation. No strategy talk whatsoever. Just blindly believe them and buy. Yet, they only have a 50/50 chance of success picking stocks and have no idea how to use options to increase their odds of success.

I would never and I repeat NEVER even speak with a money manager if they were not skilled in various options strategies. How can they effectively manage my risk or take advantage or certain market conditions (high volatility,etc.) if they are unable to appropriately use various options strategies for various market conditions. Without the knowledge of the basics of options such as the greeks, they are just blindly rolling the dice.

I want to know what my probability of success is before I enter a trade. In my Theta Driver Options Strategy I am able to do so.

I will explain how I do create my probability of success with each and every Theta Driver trade in my upcoming Free Weekly Report . Stay tuned.

High-Probability, Mean-Reversion Options Strategy

Yesterday, towards the end of the trading day I purchased a few USO puts for the HP-MR options strategy. The RSI(2) of the underlying ETF had pushed above 96.5, a short-term overbought extreme, so I decided to buy the Dec11 39 puts for $2.84. This morning USO pushed lower and I was able to make a quick 12.6%. This is how the HP-MR options strategy works. I take advantage of short-term overbought/oversold extremes by fading the short-term trend.

The end of November will mark the first full year of the strategy being monitored by a third-party auditing service and so far, so good. Over the course of the past year the strategy has made gains in excess of 40%, 42.2% to be exact. Most newsletters don’t have the cojones to keep close tabs on their performance and I would argue if they are not able to present you with an accurate assessment of how their strategy has performed then you should not bother using their newsletter service. My theory has always been that if I am unable to present an options strategy that is profitable over the long-term then I should not be doing this as a profession. My performance is the metric by which I measure my success and my performance speaks for itself. I do not market, I do not tout outlandish gains and some believe this not how I should effectively run a newsletter service. Yes, I will lose out on a few potential subscribers by not taking that avenue, but I truly believe in the power of grass roots marketing and I strongly believe that if my options strategies are successful and do well by subscribers then more will come.

My goal is not to have thousands of subscribers. My goal is to have a few hundred subscribers across several options strategies so that I can effectively answer each and every email and teach each one of my members how to become an effective self-directed investor through the appropriate use of various options strategies.

I hope all of you have a wonderful night and please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

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