July 28, 2017

Back in Action

Well, the 7/30 gap finally closed on the S&P 500 (SPY) only to have it gap to the uypside several days after. Since then the amrket has not been able to gain much ground although it has certainly tried its hardest to make the push, but the overhead resistance and short-term overbought state seem to be much for the market benchmark.

I am seeing the potential for a trade in the ETF Extremes strategy. It has been months since our last trade so as expected many of you are getting a bit impatient (including myself). Remember, patience pays. This is a marathon and not a sprint. The performance speaks for itself.

As for the Iron Condor strategy, well, I have decided to postpone it for a few more weeks. i plan on offering an e-book with the official release of the strategy so stay tuned. And, yes, i will be back with my typical daily posts. I admit it has been a very tough six months for me on a personal level, but the clouds are parting and the sun is starting to shine again. All I can say is cherish those around you!!!

I will be back with the short-term overbought/oversold numbers after the bell.