July 28, 2017

April Continues to Shine for the Bulls

As I have stated before April is historically the fourth best performing month with an average return of 1.25%. The historical performance of May and June are substantially lower at 0.16% and 0.17%, respectively. After a nice run for the bulls in the first quarter could we possibly see the old Wall Street adage “sell in May and go away”? If April happens to live up to its historical billing of being bullish, I think the old adage has a wonderful chance of ringing true this year.  I just can’t see the market continuing to advance at its current pace.  I will be back with more this afternoon.

Moreover, stay tuned for the intro to the $5,000 to Infinity options portfolio. The new portfolio which will define how I trade and view the market will not limit itself to one particular options strategy. I will incorporate appropriate options strategies (i.e. iron condors, credit spreads, diagonal spreads, technical and sentiment extremes, gap fade trades, etc.) given the attitude of the market. I hope this can be an educational and prosperous experience for all of us and one that can be an integral part of growing as options traders. Join the community! I welcome all comments.