August 20, 2017

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Potential Bull Put Spread Gold (GLD, GDX, NUGT, DUST)

Volatility continues to amaze me. We continue to witness historic lows almost every day. Last week I even added a bull put spread in UVXY to take advantage of the short-term "very oversold" state. So far, it hasn't worked out, but as subscribers know, UVXY is still trading comfortably  above our short strike. Gold and all its variations are also on my radar.  All four ETFs offer some interesting options plays. Of course, my favorite, particularly for those with smaller accounts are credit spreads, more specifically, bull put spreads. As most of you already when a highly-liquid ETF reaches a short-term extreme (as indicated by the chart below) I like to use a high-probability trade to take advantage using various credit spreads, like … [Read more...]

Bull Put Spread in UVXY

We're starting to see overbought readings hit in several of the major indices and international ETFs. My only hesitation at this juncture is the incredibly low volatility in the market. As I stated a few days ago, options premium has reached an 8 year low. the VIX is hovering around 12 and VXX and UVXY are in an extreme oversold state. As a result,  I had to take advantage of the "very oversold" reading in volatility today by placing in UVXY using a bull put spread. The set-up was just too perfect to pass up. And while the trade might be a success (no trade is guaranteed) I could not ask for a better set up and entry. We will see soon enough how this one turns out. If you are a believer in a statistical approach towards investing … [Read more...]

Volatility Looks Interesting…Again

Volatility looks interesting...again. Selling a few bull put spreads in UVXY and VXX looks enticing, but I would like to see the VIX line up with the other two before making a move. The longer-term picture for higher options premium looks bright. According to a recent article in Barron's, followed up with a nice chart b the talented Jason Goepfert, volatility hasn't been this cheap in over 8 years. In fact, implied volatility on the one-month at-the-money VIX options is the lowest in history....this just means options are cheap. According to Mr. Goepfert, " Of the 45 days that the figure had dropped below 45%,  three months later the VIX was higher 42 times (93% of the time) with an average change of +21%. The three days that … [Read more...]

Entering a New Options Expiration

The June options expiration cycle is upon us. But, before we get to June, I want to congratulate all of you who had May bear call spreads on. Keep up the good work! It's been an amazing run. Just remember to stay diligent with your position-sizing and resist the temptation from taking on significantly bigger size. We've had a solid year of gains and we want to keep our profits. Proper risk-management is the key to successful long-term options trading. Without it, you are inevitably doomed to fail. So with that being said, we are on to June. Currently, as most of you know (subscribers) we already have two positions on and will be adding a few more in the coming week. I'm still under the assumption that the next six months (sell in May) … [Read more...]

Decline Leads to Neutrality

Keeping it short tonight. Options expiration tomorrow. Another good expiration...and it looks like June is going to be even better. Also, due to the enormous amount of requests over the past week I have decided to keep my annual deal available for several more days. Thanks again for all of the support. If you are a believer in a statistical approach towards investing please do not hesitate to try my options strategies. I use simple mean-reversion coupled with probabilities for each and every trade. Give it a try, it’s free for 30 days. If you haven’t had a chance,  please join my Free Weekly Newsletter, Twitter feed and/or Facebook page. … [Read more...]

Three Credit Spreads…One to Expire

We currently have three credit spreads on in our portfolio and there is a very good chance that I will be adding another for the June cycle by the end of the week. There are roughly 35 days left until June expiration so we still have some time to collect decent premium. I'm also looking at a few candidates to sell puts on, but I want to see further declines in several of the underlyings I'm following. Anyway, I'm keeping it short tonight....busy few days ahead. Subscribers stay tuned over the next few days. Also, due to the enormous amount of requests over the past week I have decided to keep my annual deal available for several more days. Thanks again for all of the support.   If you are a believer in a statistical … [Read more...]

Emerging Markets (EEM)…Potential Bear Call Spread?

The market continues to teeter at the top. Approximately 58.5% of the ETFs we follow in the daily options blog are in a short-term extreme state at the moment. Typically when we see levels this high a short-term reprieve follows. One of the reasons the ratio is above 58% is the international ETFs. All of the highly-liquid international ETFs we follow are in a short-term extreme. India (EPI) is by far the most overbought at the moment, but it's actually the emerging markets ETF (EEM) that has drawn my attention. With EEM trading at roughly $42.50 we can take advantage of the current short-term overbought extreme by selling a vertical call, or bear call spread. The implied volatility for EEM for the June monthly options (38 days left … [Read more...]

The Perfect Spot for a Credit Spread or Two?

Volatility continues to drop....but for how long? All of the volatility indicators we follow are in a deep oversold state. It shouldn't be a surprise given the recent push to new highs in the S&P. However, now we are witnessing an oversold state on almost every time frame...a reading we rarely encounter. Even our longest-term time frame is in an oversold state. Couple the aforementioned with seasonal weakness and a gap higher today and we can begin to see signs that a reprieve is right around the corner. When I say reprieve I'm not making a definitive forecast that the market is going to push significantly lower, I am just pointing out that the market is going to have a very difficult time rallying further at this juncture so a … [Read more...]