July 26, 2017

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Strategies Excel During “Sell in May”…Here’s Why…

April expiration has finally passed. And it was a good one for our options strategies. All three strategies reaped profits. Again, the goal is to produce as much income as possible each and every expiration cycle. But, keeping risk-defined is the key to any successful long-term approach, so expectations should always be reasonable. No speculation...just high-probability strategies that hit lots of singles and doubles. The occasional home run happens, but it's an anomaly. Anyway...the expiration cycle witnessed a wide-range of short-term sentiment. Mid-way through the cycle most of the major indices were hitting all-time highs. But, as we have all witnessed over the past several week the bulls reign is over. Now all of the major … [Read more...]

Back in Action…Market Opportunities

The one aspect of trading that most investors don't understand....patience. The newsletter business and its patrons insist that we provide ideas, trades, investments on a regularly scheduled basis. You know, every Tuesday we will provide a trade alert. Or the third Friday of every month we will send you our monthly update with our current stock pick. It's ludicrous. And if you think the market provides opportunities on a regularly scheduled basis, well, you probably should put your money elsewhere because you don't understand the market. Cash is a position. It's one of the hardest aspects for new traders/investors to learn. But once learned, it can be one of the most valuable lessons the market has to offer. As Warren Buffett … [Read more...]

One Sign the Rally Has Matured

The market rally over the last five months has been, well, fierce to say the least. During the first quarter alone the major market indices rallied over 10%. The advance marked the 13th time since 1928 that the S&P 500 made it above the 10% threshold in three months. But how did the market fare after such a nice run? The wonderful folks over at Bespoke Investment Group published the following chart today that gives us some insight into what we should expect going forward.                   As you can see, by most accounts the gains for the rest of the year were limited. Of course, there were a few outliers, but for those of us using strategies based … [Read more...]