August 20, 2017

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Options Strategies and the 85% Probability of Success

Quick note: Well, I am finally back into the swing of things. It was my hope that I would have my strategies launched last week, but I have decided to wait until next weekend. The response has been overwhelming, more than I ever imagined. As a result, I will have to be somewhat selective in how many subscribers I choose for each strategy. As I stated weeks ago, those of you who have emailed me will have the first opportunity to join. I will also allow emails to continue throughout the week. So, if you are interested in one of more of my strategies please email me and I will send you the initial invite. Once I have sent the initial email out, I will reevaluate my subscriber count and then open it up to everyone else. This will occur … [Read more...]

Thank You Fiscal Cliff……The Race is On!

Can you feel it? No really, can you feel it? The bullish sentiment is overwhelming at the moment. Two days and roughly 5% higher will do that to an investor with a bullish bias. Naturally, a contrarian finds times like these ideal bearish scenarios over the short-term. Admittedly, I fall into that camp. The move since the sell-off last Friday has taken the S&P 500 (SPY) from $140.03 to $146.06, for a 4.3% return...thank you fiscal cliff. Obviously, the push higher has left the S&P 500 in a short-term overbought state. But the major market benchmark isn't the only short-term overbought ETF in the market. Every major benchmark ETF ¬†that I follow in my strategies have pushed into a short-term extreme with the small-cap Russell … [Read more...]