August 20, 2017

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Out of SPY Trade – Newsletter Service Officially Begins Monday

The rally Friday, particularly late, allowed me to get out of my SPY trade from earlier in the week. I was able to get out of both trades (two separate trades of 10 Oct 105 SPY calls) for a gain of 1.2% and 14.1%, for a total of $610. The profitable trade brings My Options Portfolio to 74.2%, or $20,392.50 since it was established in early May 2010. Check out all of my trades here. You can also view all of my trades (directly from my ThinkorSwim account, updated at the end of each month) on the Options Portfolio page of the website. Subscribers To all of my wonderful and loyal subscribers I want to thank you for all of your support over the past week. The response has been overwhelming. I will be sending out all my service details … [Read more...]

Newsletter Service Begins!!! Real-Time Trade Alerts.

Since its inception back in early May, My Options Portfolio is up 72.0% or $19,782.50 (including commissions). The win ratio since the strategy's inception is an astounding 80.5% (33 out of 41 winning trades). You can see all of the trades here and all of the trades verified at my Thinkorswim account (scroll down the page at the aforementioned link to see all of my trades). Over the past few months, I have had numerous requests to initiate a newsletter service that follows my trades in real-time and discusses the options strategies, technical indicators, and sentiment indicators that I incorporate in my trading. The response has been overwhelming and certainly a wonderful surprise. The kind words and encouragement regarding my options … [Read more...]

One More SPY Trade

I placed the following trade this morning for the same reasons stated yesterday. Now I have a total of 20 contracts long SPY. Again, I expect to see a short-term bounce over the next day or so. Here is the trade: Stay tuned for the newsletter out today plus an end of the day post. Kindest, Andy … [Read more...]

Oversold S&P Leads to SPY Trade

The broad market index has pushed into "very oversold" territory with two unclosed gaps overhead. Typically when this occurs, the market will experience a short-term bounce. The RSI (2) is reading 2.4 ad the (5) is sitting at 15.6 so I expect to see a short-term advance over the next few days. How long will the bounce last? Well, I do expect to see the gap from today close which means that a move to the $107.07 level should be reached. However, if that does occur over the next day or so I expect to see further declines so I would not be surprised that once I get out of my trade today (see below) I will most likely step back into another one that leans towards the short side of things. There were a few times today that I thought SPY would … [Read more...]

Back from the Maritimes. Service details coming soon.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I just arrived back from a wonderful trip in the Maritimes. So incredibly relaxing! Anyway, I will have my service details out to everyone by Wednesday of this week so check your emails. As for the market, I have spent the day going through charts and mostly sitting on hands. I am currently leaning towards a short-term decline, but I want to see a bit more to the upside before I take a position. I hope all of you are well and thank you all for the kind words over the past week. I look forward to prospering on this long-term journey together. Kindest, Andy … [Read more...]

Up in Nova Scotia

I just arrived in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia where I will be spending the next week biking, hiking and most importantly, working on my new paid service. I should have all the info available for you early next week (possibly as early as this weekend). I also want to let all of my loyal readers that have emailed me over the last week about reserving a spot that you will have no worries. As I states before, I plan on limiting my service to 50-100 subscibers so if you are interested please let me know as I have a few spots remaining. This whole thing has come as quite the surprise as I have had an overwhelming response since I first announced that I would be providing a paid service that follows my trading and strategies. I … [Read more...]

Timber! Anticipated Market Decline Kicks Options Portfolio Higher – Up 72.0% Since Inception in May ’10

Okay, I started this post yesterday, but I decided to take my daughter swimming rather than finish the post. Warm days are numbered here in VT, so I hope all of you understand. I will be working on my paid service over the next week so stay tuned as I will be trickling out info each day. Feedback is more than welcome. I want to offer a unique service that hopefully will be helpful to all. The following closing trades were made today: As you can see from the trades above (directly from my ThinkorSwim account), I closed all of my open trades after yesterday's decline. As a result, My Options Portfolio has advanced 72.0% (commissions included) since it  was established in early May of this year with a win ratio of 81.0%. Here are the … [Read more...]

Still Holding Strong – S&P Could Finally See the Highly-Anticipated Reprieve

My short positions (SPY, TZA and IWM) made it through Fed day with a small gain, but the next couple of days should tell me if my recent short-term speculation is correct. Mr. Probability is on my side, so I like my odds, but as we all know as traders/investors, there are no guarantees in trading. A high probability is never a guarantee, but that is all I have as an edge in my style of trading (high-probability, mean-reversion trader). I have to say that I am actually more confident in my current position then I was coming into today. I thought the Fed reaction could stop me out of my trade with a breach of the 1131 area. However, in my opinion, even thought the pop after the fed release was bullish over the next few days I expect to see … [Read more...]

Pivotal Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow brings the always  highly anticipated FOMC announcement. One thing is certain it should be a market mover. Will the news lead to a push above what has been strong overhead resistance at the 1131 area or will the major market index finally take a reprieve after an enormous gain in July and early August. The broad market indice, S&P 500 (SPY) has pushed near an overbought state with strong overhead resistance overhead. Since gapping up last Monday (gap has yet to close at the $110.86 level) the S&P has tested and failed to push through the June 21st high of $113.20. It came close today, but like every other time, the bulls did not have enough to get the major market index over the hump. So, where does My Options … [Read more...]

Another Interesting Week – New and Old Portfolio Positions

First, I would like to post my late day trade in TZA (Smalll Cap 3x Bear Shares). I am now almost fully invested on the short-side with a total of 57 puts scattered among IWM, SPY and TZA. Today was another bearish tease with the unemployment numbers failing to meet economists' expectations which led to a large decline that lasted throughout most of the day. However, much like the last few bearish days, buyers stepped in and pushed the market higher by days end. The recent price action has certainly been frustrating, but the probability of a continued move to the downside is still quite high. Bearish Camp Yes, the bears have had a difficult time holding back the bulls recently. Although, it looks as thought we could see some … [Read more...]