August 20, 2017

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Market Trade Bound

Tomorrow should provide a the fuel for a decent move tomorrow given the FOMC. I would guess that the short-term trading range that we have entered over the past few trading days should be breached with ease tomorrow given the technical situation. Trade today: I placed a trade at 9:58 this morning at $3.25 for the Apr10 42 calls. Unfortunately, the price was not filled as we would have had a nice 15%-20% gain on the day which I certainly would have taken off the table. Oh well, there is always tomorrow I suppose. In trading you just can't look back. Each day brings new opportunities and challenges that need our full attention so looking back is often wasteful. So, with that being said, I plan on entering a trade once again if the … [Read more...]

Market Advances Slightly – Remains in Oversold State

Based on several indicators I follow I decided to hold off on a trade this morning. The bulls had problems pushing the market higher, but were able to at least hold off a bearish push through what seems to be a decent area of support (QQQQ- $44.00 level). Again, I would prefer to see another push lower or a gap lower at the open before placing another trade in the ETF Extremes strategy. I indeed this occurs tomorrow I would most likely enter into a position. As always stay tuned to the blog and most importantly my new area on Collective2: As for the Sector ETF Extremes strategy, I am still quite  content  sitting on the sidelines until an extreme comes to fruition in one of the underlying ETFs I … [Read more...]

Market Hits Short-Term Extreme

As you can see from the overbought/oversold levels below the market has hit a short-term oversold extreme. The Wilder RSI (2) for both the NASDAQ 100 and the S&P 500 have both moved below 5 which means that the probability of a short-term bounce (1-3 days) looks imminent. What does this mean for the ETF Extremes and Sector ETF Extremes strategy? It means that if the market opens lower on Monday a trade in both strategies looks likely. Of course, there are a few other proprietary factors that I need to consider, but with that being said the probabilities for a short-term bounce among several of the indices I follow are there. As has been the case since the beginning of the year I will be placing the trade for all the world to see … [Read more...]

Strategy Reaps Another Gain

The ETF Extremes had another successful trade today as it locked in a profit of 7.1%. This was the second trade this month and the prior trade saw a profit of 6.6%.So far the strategy is up 12.9% since we moved over to The win ratio over the last three years is 84% ( 4 losers out of 25 trades). Again, my strategy is all about patience, waiting for high-probability set-ups. As I always say, "remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint". It is not about how many trades you place it is the quality of each trade. Quality over quantity - that is why the win ratio has been outstanding since the strategy began 3 years ago. You can check the performance at . … [Read more...]

Dow Overbought – ETF Extremes Strategy Up 6.6% for 2010

As I stated earlier this past week, we had our first trade for 2010 in the ETF Extremes Options Strategy. The performance can be found at the following link: This is certainly a wonderful way to start out the New Year and continue the "patience pays" mentality of trading this options-based strategy. Tomorrow brings options expiration and as we all know the bulls typically reign supreme. However, the bullishness is often short-lived as the bears historically pull the market lower the trading day following options expiration. With the Dow (DIA) in an overbought state and the Biotech sector (IBB) in a 'very overbought' state I am keeping the historical bearish tendency in mind for the makings of a … [Read more...]

First Trade of 2010 in the ETF Extremes

I placed the first trade of 2010 on January 5th on the website. You can check out the performance so far on the former link. As  you  can see I had a small profit going into Thursday, but my profit target had not been met. As the week came to end I was down a bit, but roughly $.15 from where my mental stop is located. I always limit my loss to roughly $.30 or approximately 10%. This has worked for the strategy since its inception over three years ago. Check out the performance since 2006 on the performance page. Today, I closed the trade for a $.24 profit or $600. The percentage gain was 6.6%. This was the 24th trade in the strategy since 2006. So far the win ratio is an astounding 83% with a max draw down of … [Read more...]

2010 – New Strategies, Old Strategies and Collective2

I am hoping that 2010 will be a good year for After taking a bit of a hiatus for personal reasons I am back with my flagship strategy, the ETF Extremes as well as a few other strategies that I will follow on this blog as well as autotrade on Collective 2 uses quite a few options brokers, including I will also be following my New Iron Condor strategy with the intention of adding it to Collective2 over the next couple of months so stay tuned. In addition, I am literally a few weeks away from finally finishing my new book that will be geared specifically towards trading iron condors. I will be adding the ETF Extremes as well as a few other strategies to … [Read more...]