August 24, 2017

Archives for May 2009

Remember, This is a Marathon and Not a Sprint

Yes, I am finally back on the blog after what seemed like an eternity on the Insiders Page. For some reason it is just much more fun writing on the blog and I hope it inspires me to write more frequently in the future. As for the strategies, well, it has been quite some time since our last trade. While I am not concerned (just look at the overall performance over the past three years while the rest iof the market has been tumbling) I know many of you have issues with the lack of trading. As it states on the website, the ETF Extremes strategy can go months without a trade, ultimately it is the long-term performance that matters. If you are looking for a short-term fix then this is not the strategy for you. I have seen way too many options … [Read more...]

Upcoming Holiday Bias and the Iron Condor

  The market shot back up today and into what I consider an area of strong resistance at the 910 level on the S&P. As seen below the indexes are currently near an overbought level so I expect to see a short-term pullback. Moreover, we are entering a period of holiday seasonality that has historically displayed a bearish bias leading up to the holiday and a strong bullish slant two to five days after the holiday. I think history could repeat itself again this year but nly time will tell. For the moment, I am watching the 910-875 are in the S&P and a breach and hold above/below those levels would lead me to look further into the next short-term move.  A move back to a firm neutral state should lead to our first official Iron … [Read more...]