August 17, 2017

Archives for June 2008

Options Expiration Week Begins in a Neutral State. New ETF Extremes Options Strategy Begins Today!

First, I would like to announce that my new Sector ETF Extremes Options Strategy began today. As I have stated over the last few posts the Sector ETF Extremes is a stock options strategy that takes advantage of short-term overbought/oversold extremes in the market. Our so-called flagship options strategy the ETF Extremes, based on four of the most liquid ETFs that represent the major benchmarks (Dow, S&P 500, Russell 2000, and tech-heavy NASDAQ 100) has been extremely (bad pun I know) successful since its launch back in early 2006 with gains that exceed 150%. My goal was to take the strategy to the next step by offering a similar strategy that uses sector ETFs as the underlying rather than the major benchmarks. If all goes as planned we … [Read more...]

Back to Neutral – No Edge as the Market Approaches the Week of Options Expiration

The short-term status is back to neutral in every major benchmark and sector that I follow on the blog and in my options strategies. This means that I will be sitting on the sidelines as we move in to the week of options expiration. If I can't find an edge, which means the risk/reward doesn't suit my liking then as you all know from my past experience I have no problem sitting on the sidelines. Cash is a position. In trading patience is a requirement. Several months ago I came across an article by a fellow trader named Mike Kestler. His statements coincide with the trading philosophy of the options strategies that I follow within my service and moreover, my trading style. "Without patience traders get pulled into an endless cycle of … [Read more...]

Markets Lower – Gaps In Sight

After surging higher during the early part of the day the major benchmarks decided the advance was reason enough to take some of the short-term gains off the table. The economic struggles continue and could for quite some time, but that is not how or what I base my trading on so let us move forward. Yes, I am finally back after a brief hiatus from the daily grind of posting on the blog. Over two years of daily posts called for a break and I will probably take another break after the next two years have passed. Anyway, the strategies performed well during the hiatus with the ETF Extremes up almost 40% year-to-date. The strategy is up over 150% since it was initiated back in early 2006. Not bad compared to the paltry gains of the major … [Read more...]

Site is launched! Daily blog is back! Strategies continue to move onward and upward!

The strategies, particularly the ETF Extremes strategy has performed well during the websites revision. The hiatus from the blog has given me a much needed breather after two years of daily posts and now I am back stronger than ever. In the process of the new revision I have also added a new options strategy to the mix. You can read about it here: Sector ETF Extremes Anyway, I will be back later this afternoon with a post-market post, so stay tuned! … [Read more...]

Our Strategies Are Verified By A Trusted Third-Party Resource

Unlike many other newsletters/advisory services out there, I have chosen to have my strategy's results verified by the #1 third-party resource, Collective2. This should give you the confidence to at least give my service a try. As you will soon see, our performance speaks for itself. … [Read more...]